A Letter to Our Community Regarding the Current Circumstances

To Our Valued Patients:

Covid 19 Safety Protocols
As an additional way to protect our patients and ourselves, we are observing specific protocols to minimize the chance of exposure. This form outlines our guidelines and our request for you to observe them.

Prior to Appointment
If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then we should postpone or wait additional time before having you come in as a “voluntary quarantine” measure:
1. Do you have a history of any recent travel outside of New Mexico within the last 14 days? Yes or No
2. Have you had a fever or symptoms of lower respiratory illness, such as cough or shortness of breath? Yes or No
3. Have you had close contact with any person who has been confirmed as contracting Covid-19? Yes or No
4. Have you had close contact with any healthcare worker whose primary purpose recently has been working directly with people who have contracted Covid-19? Yes or No

- As per current order from the governor, a mask MUST be worn during your appointment
- If you are being dropped off by someone else, please be aware that only the patient with the appointment will be allowed in the office unless you require assistance from a caregiver or family member, which we will make appropriate exceptions for.

At The Appointment
-Whether you come by yourself or are dropped off, when you arrive, remain in your vehicle and someone will be out to check you in for your visit.
- If you are a new patient and have paperwork on hand or need to fill out paperwork, we will collect it at the time of your arrival if completed or take it out to you to complete in your vehicle.
-Once we are ready for you to come into the office, we will notify you at your vehicle and will escort you in to the office for your appointment at which time contact will end with office staff and begin with Dr. Heyman.
- We will be wearing a mask during your visit and remind you that you will be required to wear yours during the duration of your appointment in the office.

After the Appointment
- We will sterilize all surfaces you contacted in any room you visited. We are telling you about this so that you are reassured that this has been done for any patient seen prior to your arrival, for your safety and for everyone else.

We, of course, see all of the protocols as temporary, for the protection of you, our staff, and our other patients. The Covid-19 virus will not affect us long-term, and we fully expect to get back to our real lives before too long!

We appreciate your understanding during this challenging time and look forward to serving you and our community again soon!

Dr. Kelly Heyman, Au.D.

5 Caliente Road, Suite 5

Santa Fe, New Mexico  87508

Phone: (505) 466-7526 – Fax: (505) 466-7528


Eldorado Audiology and Hearing Center, located in the Eldorado Center, at 5 Caliente Road #5 Santa Fe, NM 87508, is a full-service audiology practice and hearing testing center specializing in hearing care for children and adults. Unlike the numerous hearing aids company stores, hearing aids franchises and other hearing aids companies in Santa Fe, NM, Eldorado Audiology and Hearing Center is a locally owned and operated Santa Fe hearing aid company and an audiology center. We pride ourselves on providing high level service. We take pride in offering the very best hearing aids on the market place today and providing the best audiology practice in Northern New Mexico. Our patients come to us from all over New Mexico. We love our patients and make sure we always give them the best care possible. Based on our high standard of care, expertise and hearing aid product lines we offer, we consider ourselves to be the best hearing aid company in Santa Fe. We provide comprehensive hearing examinations, hearing instrument assessments, fitting and follow up care, aural rehabilitation as well as tinnitus evaluation and treatment protocols. Dr. Kelly Heyman, is a skilled audiologist that has a unique perspective on patient care and support. Owner and founder Dr. Heyman works directly and diligently with each patient to provide the very best individually customized hearing aid answer to improve the enjoyment of daily life and help provide a solution for functionable day to day hearing

Hearing Aids Companies

In the world, as of 2018, there are six hearing aid companies that sell a combined 97% of all the hearing aids on the planet. Here at Eldorado Audiology and Hearing Center, the company knows this fact, which in turn means we are an authorized retailer for all seven companies. The companies include Oticon, Widex, ReSound, PHONAK, Signia, Unitron and Starkey. We use each of these hearing aid companies to make certain we offer the very best hearing aid solutions offered in the marketplace today. We make it our job to provide hearing aids that fit our patients correctly, match their lifestyle and that we know for a fact will works well, last a long time and are very reliable, day in and day out.
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Personal preference, hearing loss type and severity, functionality as well as level of activity help determine which style is right for you.

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The ear has three main parts: the outer, middle and inner ear. The outer ear opens into the ear canal. The eardrum separates the ear canal from the middle ear. Small bones in the middle ear help transfer sound to the inner ear

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Eldorado Audiology and Hearing Center provides solutions for hearing loss that are tailor fit to each person. The best solution begins with a full set of tests, followed by our diagnosis. Following these steps helps us arrive at the best possible hearing loss solution.



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