Many human beings put things off, even when it comes to their health. For some it’s hard to admit there’s a problem, while others have a difficult time recognizing the problem in the first place. This often happens with hearing loss.

You should be able to identify some of the common signs before it’s too late. They will help you decide when you need to go for a hearing exam. Let’s take a look at a few of the prominent signs of hearing loss:

1.     Constant Need for Repetition

One of the most alarming signs is when you need people to repeat what they have said frequently. With time, you will feel as if people are mumbling. You will especially have a problem hearing the voices of women and children with high-pitched voices. That’s the first type of sound that your hearing ability has trouble catching.

When you can’t hear someone’s words, it doesn’t just create a communication gap, it also affects your relationship with them. Your friends and family members are affected the most due to this.

When you constantly feel as if someone’s words are fading away, get a hearing exam.

2.     Inability to Hear Things in a Crowd

If you have trouble hearing people in large gatherings, it means that your hearing ability is impaired. You may also have difficulty hearing in cars, restaurants, airplanes or places where many people are talking simultaneously.

This will make it difficult for you to participate fruitfully in social settings. You could miss out on quality time with your friends, colleagues or family members.

When you constantly face situations where crowds obstruct your hearing ability, take a hearing exam to see if you need a hearing aid.

3.     Cranked Up Levels of Volume

You may have seen many teenagers cranking up the volume of their iPods. They raise the volume to enjoy the bass and the treble. However, that has been discovered as the major cause of hearing loss in young adults.

Older people crank up the volume of television when they are watching their programs and it is also a sign that they need a hearing exam. This is a sign that your family members can help you identify easily.

If they think that the volume is too high and you don’t, then you definitely need to find a good audiologist!

4.     Ringing Sounds

If you often hear ringing sounds in your ears after being exposed to a loud noise, then you definitely need a hearing exam. It is an indication that you are suffering from a hearing loss. In fact, it is a medical condition known as tinnitus. Many children hear such sounds too. Most parents disregard them as being over-imaginative.

Pay attention to them, and take them for a hearing exam if they hear it again!

Your hearing ability is a gift. Protecting it is your job. If you live in Santa Fe, NM, Eldorado Audiology & Hearing Center can get you through a comfortable hearing exam.

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