When your hearing is damaged permanently, there’s nothing that can be done to restore it back to its original state naturally. Prevention is always better than cure and for hearing health, nothing can be truer.

If you are experiencing symptoms of hearing problems, the help of a professional is vital sooner, rather than later. But if you’re thinking prevention (which is probably why you’re here), you’re in luck. We’re here to discuss your options when it comes to protecting your ears from any damage and keeping your ears in the best of shape.

1. Don’t Hesitate While Using Ear Plugs

When you’re traveling on an airplane, especially on long flights, you get sleeping masks and earplugs to help you be more comfortable. Many people use those earplugs to protect themselves from the constant whine of the jet engine and noisy children on board the flight, but many think they are completely fine without it. The former are lucky in this case. A noisy environment and continuous exposure to loud sounds can ruin your ears for good.

So use the earplugs on the flight and carry them with you to use in daily life when in crowded areas. Loud work and leisure environments do tend to have a bad effect on your hearing health as well as mental health. You can have custom fitted earplugs to reduce the surrounding noise. Musician’s earplugs are also a good choice as they reduce the harmful effects of the surrounding noise while you still hear music (at comfortable levels) along with conversations.

2. Turn Down Instead of Turn Up

Keep the volume of the music you listen to, low. There are around 1 billion young adults and teenagers at risk of hearing loss because of noise by unsafe audio devices. Some people ignore the helpful guidelines offered in phones that suggest them to keep those volumes down when listening to music. Don’t be one of them. Listen to music at 60% of the volume for 60 minutes a day if you can bear the thought of no music in your life. It’s the 60/60 rule.

3. Recovery Time

When you attend that Beyonce, Drake, Justin Bieber, or Bebe Rexha concert, give yourself and your ears time to recover afterward. Do so even if you attended that concert at the bar last night. At bars this may be easier: try going out every five minutes to recover from the loud noises. Research even shows that your ears need a minimum average time of 16 hours (quiet) to recover from a loud night on the town.

4. Don’t Pop Medicinal Pills When Not Prescribed

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) like Ibuprofen or aspirin can cause hearing loss when you take them without a prescription. Discuss with your doctor about hearing loss first, before taking these medications.

5. Cotton Swabs Are A Big Fat No No

Cotton swabs are used by many people to clean out their ears, but they risk damaging the ear canal when they do it. They may hit the eardrum by mistake and damage it. A little bit of ear wax is normal because it’s your ear’s way of protecting itself from dust and dirt from the surroundings.

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