Wireless connectivity has added efficiency to our lifestyle. We can go about our regular business and talk to someone on the other end of the line without difficulty.

With Oticon Opn Bluetooth hearing aid, people with hearing disabilities can do the same! Let’s take a look at the amazing features of this new technology: It Looks Like a Normal Bluetooth Handsfree

Your appearance changes when you have a hearing aid installed in your ear. It becomes a bit uncomfortable to carry around all day. In addition, it also allows everyone to see that you have a disability.

With the Oticon Opn Bluetooth, you are saved from such concerns. It looks like a regular Bluetooth handsfree. Even if it is visible, no one has to know that you’re wearing it due to a disability. It can pass as a convenient device that allows you to stay connected!

1.     It Really Allows You to Stay Connected

A major feature of this device is that it contains all the features of a regular Bluetooth handsfree. You can dial calls as well as receive them through the Oticon. It is a hands-free device that will leave you free to attend to other tasks while you address urgent calls from your friends, family and work.

2.     It Has Amazing Additional Features

Its additional features include receiving calls through the Internet. You can use whatsapp, messenger or skype for making your calls. Your Bluetooth device will transfer all calls automatically on it. You won’t have to take it off frequently! You can connect it wirelessly with your tablet or laptop.

In fact, you can even connect it with your iPhone or Android phone. All you need is a ConnectClip for this purpose. Other than calls, this Bluetooth device will also allow you to listen to your favorite music!

With this device, you can solve your hearing problems while staying digitally active.

3.     It Can Be Configured Easily Through an App

You can configure this device by downloading the Oticon ON App.

You can use this app to adjust the volume of your Bluetooth device, switch between your favorite programs and check the level of battery for this device. In addition, you can use this app to take counseling advice for the type of hearing aid that would suit you best.

However, you should get a check-up from a professional audiologist before selecting a hearing aid. If you live in Santa Fe, NM, Eldorado Audiology & Hearing Center is the best in town! Our consultants will give you the best advice.

4.     It Connects to the Internet

You can use the Oticon to connect to the Internet. You can stream all your favorite music and audio from the Internet on this device! When choosing a hearing aid, go for the option that gives you everything in one package!