Buying Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is a serious condition and needs an appropriate diagnosis from a certified expert. It is only when the degree and type of loss are identified that doctors prescribe the use of a hearing aid. They will suggest the type of instrument you need. This is what makes seeing a doctor really important before purchasing hearing aids; something that can’t be done online on your own.

Here are a few important reasons why should never buy your hearing aid online.  

1. The Right Product

To be able to understand how a hearing aid works and be able to use it correctly, it is important that you visit your provider to make a purchase. The hearing care professionals make a selection based on different factors including your age, hearing needs, cosmetic needs, budget, and the type of hearing aid that will suit your hearing loss.

By making a purchase online, you will compromise on all of this and have high odds of getting the wrong product.

2. Device Programming

Every person has a different hearing threshold (audiogram) and a particular shape of the ear canal. These factors should be given special attention and incorporated in the final decision when buying a hearing aid. The instrument you buy should be programmed for your specific hearing needs and the environment around. Further, you can’t expect a hearing aid to fit into your ear comfortably without knowing the size and volume of your ear canal.  

3. Post-Sales Services

You don’t get hearing aids over-the-counter and the device can’t be programmed on a DIY basis. If you buy hearing aids online without enlisting the services of hearing care professional, you may not have anyone to help you out later.

4. Warranty

Most hearing aid manufacturers don’t give warranties for products that are bought online. In fact, there is often a clear disclaimer on the website, product packages, and other marketing materials that the warranty will be considered void in case of online purchases.

5. Cost

You get free services for a specified period of time if you buy your hearing aid from a professional audiologist. This normally covers instrument fitting and a few follow-up visits for any problems.

On the other hand, if a device is bought online and not through a professional, you have to pay every time you need help. These visits often end up costing far higher than the amount you save on buying hearing aids online.

6. Hearing aid Manufacturers Discourage Online Purchases

Need some more motivation to NOT buy hearing aids online? The manufacturers of these products themselves discourage the idea of buying them online. It’s usually smart to follow the advice of the pros. Just saying.

To help you get the best hearing aids for you, we’ve made a hearing aid purchasing guide for you here.