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10 Easy Ways to Keep Your Ears Healthy

Even if your ears are healthy, you should be focused on maintaining ear health.
Things like long-term exposure to loud noise and improper cleaning of ears can result in hearing loss.
Here are 10 ways you can keep your ears healthy.

1) Using Ear Protection
You should consider using ear protection when you are in an environment with loud noise.
You mostly need ear covers when you are at a concert or attending other festivals that take place in auditoriums and stadiums.

2) Adjust the Volume
When listening to music, try keeping the volume optimal. Understand what level of sound your ears can cope with and stick to it.
Frequently listening to the music through headphones or earphone with volume fully turned up can result in hearing loss in the long run.
3) Stay Away from Noisy speakers
Whenever you are in an environment with loud noise, try keeping a distance from where the sound is coming from. If you are attending a concert, keep away from the speakers. If you are walking by a construction site, try choosing an alternate route.
This is important because loud noise can immediately lower your hearing sense by 15 to 30 decibels.
4) Take Breaks
If you work in a noisy environment such as a mill or a factory, consider taking a break for a few minutes ever so often. Your ear needs time to recover after being exposed to loud noise for a prolonged period of time.
Some researchers even suggest you need 16 nights of quietness to overcome a night spent in loudness.
Cleaning and Caring

5) Removing Ear Wax
Nature has given your ear wax for a reason. It keeps insects and other tiny elements from intruding which can cause a lot of trouble in the ears.
It is important to go for a mild cleaning, but don’t try to get rid of ear wax completely.
6) Avoid Damages
You must not be rigorously pushing cotton buds or other sharp objects to scratch or even clean your ears. Using cotton buds is fine (as long as you are not being rigorous and they are being used for mild cleaning or itch), but it is extremely dangerous to use sharp objects as they damage your ear canal.

Other Factors
7) Quit Smoking
Research shows that smoking has a direct impact on your sense of hearing. Cigarettes affect your antioxidative mechanism, ultimately disturbing the auditory system.
8) Physical Activity
Several studies suggest that the health of your heart is correlated to the health of your ears. This is the reason ENT specialists suggest doing exercise, yoga, and /or meditation to not just keep your heart healthy but your ears as well!
9) Take Early Signs Seriously
If you have been experiencing any deteriorated sense of hearing or frequent earache, you must not ignore it. This could be a sign of you needing help with maintaining ear health and preventing hearing loss.
10) Regular Examination
Just like every other part of the body, your ears need regular examination. IT is good to consult an ENT specialist for casual checkups to prevent any forthcoming hazard to your ear health.
You must consider reaching out to ear specialists such as Eldorado Audiology and Hearing Centre in Santa Fe for a regular ear examination and any other ear trouble you might be facing.