Our ability to communicate and hear constitutes too many of our memorable life experiences. Not all people experience hearing loss in the same manner and therefore, hearing aid companies are forever developing new technologies to help people hear better and clearer.

Once such company is Oticon, one of the best hearing aid companies around. The brand has been developing high quality and long lasting hearing systems for more than 100 years. Founded in 1904, Oticon is known as the world leader when it comes to hearing aid. The company’s owner, Hans Demant was a married man and his wife had impaired hearing. Desperately wanting to give his wife the ability to hear once again, he created a hearing aid and that’s how Oticon was born.

The company’s motto is to simply help people improve their hearing and over the years, they have stayed true to it. They have various product lines and models but following are their top three hearing aids:

1.     Oticon Opn

Opn is Oticon’s first hearing aid that works with the brain and helps people hear clearly with more comfort. Its groundbreaking technology has multiple speakers that allow users to hear in noisy environments. This technology analyses the sound and follows the soundscape’s dynamics, through which it differentiates between noise and speech. This reduces noise and allows people to hear multiple speakers simultaneously.

One of the greatest inventions you will find in Opn is its tinnitus relief option. You can browse through a variety of sounds, amongst which the most popular is the sound of the ocean. The best part: Opn is rechargeable, which means that you don’t have to waste your money on batteries.

2.     Oticon Alta 2

Oticon makes a sound argument: you hear with your brain waves and not the ears. Alta 2 took this into consideration and made sure that the technology maps the brain waves of each individual and then provides a better hearing experience. The device is quite small, which provides the wearer discretion.

The unique quality of Alta 2 is that the technology has been improved to allow the wearer to understand soft speech, even a whisper. Moreover, Alta 2 can be personalized to suit your needs.

3.     Oticon Dynamo

Oticon Dynamo was created for people who suffer from a  severe hearing loss. Even voices with high pitches are hard to decipher for these people. For this reason, Dynamo gives the brain full excess to all the spectrum of sounds. This allows you to capture speech details 24/7. It works in all weather conditions without any annoying feedback. The Dynamo is one of the best hearing aids the company makes.