Toddler Pulling Ear
Toddler Pulling Ear

Like anything else on a toddler, ears can be a very sensitive area to care for. It comes with its share of whining and not sitting still which can make it hard to get the job done. It’s also not a very popular area to clean, sometimes overlooked even. Here are a few tips to help you properly clean your toddler’s ear with a minimal amount of resistance.

Take a peek – Gently

Simple but necessary. Get in the habit of looking at your toddler’s ear every day to ensure that there is no obvious grit or that nothing got lodged in unsuspectingly. Especially with children, as they play, they might put a small toy or object in their ears. A quick check can be done at the end of the day or before they go to sleep. Should any object find its way in your child’s ear canal, it is highly recommended to take them to the doctor as soon as possible instead of trying to take it out yourself.

Gentle cleaning

As mentioned earlier, grit and ear gunk find the best home in your child’s ear. During bath time or whenever you wash their faces, you can use a soft washcloth or cotton swab to clean the outside, the folds and behind the ear. This will prevent the accumulation of grime and excess wax buildup. It is cautioned to not insert cotton swabs inside the ear to prevent damage to their sensitive eardrums.

Wax removal – Gently

Contrary to popular belief, having wax in your ear is a good thing. Too much of it, however, could clog the eardrum and impair your toddler’s hearing. Cleaning kids ears do not mean getting rid of the wax entirely. The best way to manage wax buildup is to use ear drops, preferably once a week. A common household alternative is using baby oil if you don’t have an over-the-counter remedy on hand. Again, if the wax buildup is more problematic than you can solve, take your child to the doctor where they can safely wash out the ear professionally.

Look out for infections

This can be done with regularly scheduled visits to your child’s pediatrician. But if your child complains of pain in their ears, it is best to look out for a few signs that could indicate there may be an infection. Some of these signs, especially if your child is not verbal yet, can be tugging at the ear, fever or fluid drainage coming out. Infections don’t manifest the same way in all children so checking with the doctor’s office would be the next best step should you notice these changes in your child.

Cleaning kids ears are manageable. It just requires a little daily diligence to ensure proper hygiene. You can start adding these simple tips to your toddler’s cleaning regimen today.

Our family wishes you and your family the happiest of clean ears!