do hearing aids really work

Changes in technology have helped us improve many aspects of our lives, but those who are still living in the past, have their doubts. From computers to mobile phones and hearing aids, we have come a long way. Let’s say you are thinking about getting a new phone, a rotary dial shouldn’t be the first thought you have. If so, though the idea may be true in a sense, you’re still operating under an outdated idea. The same falls for hearing aids.

Today, we are going to clear up a few pre-existing ideas and misconceptions you, or someone you know, might have had about this technology.

The biggest question of all is: Do hearing aids really work?

Let’s get started:

Myth #1

Only Older People Wear Hearing Aids

The truth is, hearing loss does occur as you age. However, today most people in their 50’s are experiencing this problem as well. As various technologies have progressed, so has the hearing aid industry. From chic and rugged styles to connections with Bluetooth device and wrist bands, they are quickly becoming the status quo among those who suffer from any sort of hearing impairment. If you need help choosing the best hearing aid for you, check out this article

Myth #2

Hearing Aids are Very Expensive

While this myth is somewhat true, there is a way around it. The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) offers a list containing the contact info of various organizations and financial resources who offer their help in this regard. Moreover, there are even loan programs specifically created for hearing aids allowing you to purchase them on the basis of monthly payments.

Myth #3

Hearing Aids are Bulky and Big

You are probably picturing those huge hearing aids covering half of your ear and make you look like a character straight out of a movie, right? Again, do hearing aids really work? Today, hearing aids come in various sizes. They are designed to be more discreet so the person is comfortable getting the assistance they may need. The hear aids now are practically invisible to any onlooker. The small size and SMART technology has made them quite convenient and they work well as their primary function!

Myth #4

Everything Sounds Too Loud When Wearing Hearing Aids

Well yes, this was a problem in the past but not anymore! Today, SMART technology in hearing aids adjusts itself automatically according to the environment and allows you to work easily without any screeching noises. You can even create custom settings and then with a single push of a button, adjust to any environment in a matter of seconds. Pretty cool, huh?!

Myth #5

Hearing Aids Are For One Ear Only – and May Cause Hearing Loss

Absolutely wrong! Mostly people assume hearing aids are for one ear only. However, what you are forgetting is, sound comes from both ears sounds and in order to keep a balance and avoid tinnitus, you need to wear hearing aids in both ears. This often leads to the question: Do hearing aids cause hearing loss? No, they do not, which is why it is recommended to wear the device in both ears.

When a person wears hearing aids for the first time, the world sounds a little too loud to them. It takes time to adjust to the SMART technology being used in these devices today. Give it some time, and you’ll feel the benefits of your new hearing aids.