best hearing aid companies

From cellular devices to portable phones, from pixelated photos to smooth screens, from letters to emails… the technology has improved by leaps and bounds. While we have readily accepted these advancements in technology, we still have our misconceptions regarding hearing aids.

Are you picturing a banana-shaped, clunky device covering your entire ear, which you have to hide with your hair?

Do you still assume these devices whistle and pop when you are in a gathering?

Are you afraid to buy them because you can’t stand the high pitched voice, which pierces your ear at regular intervals?

Good news! All these things you usually hear from people or read on websites are completely outdated!

The hearing aid industry has come far and with the use of smarter and more sophisticated technology, they have created leading-edge hearing aids. The new hearing aids, such as those by Oticon, Starkey, ReSound, Phonak, Signia and Widex, are so small they are almost invisible. They fit snugly in your ear or at the back, which keeps the device well hidden.

So, are you ready to explore the amazing features these hearing aids offer? Here are the most important hearing aid features that will help you in making a decision on which device to buy:

Feedback Reduction

Before, all hearing aids did was amplify the sound coming your way. However, today’s technology filters the sound you are trying to hear and converts it to digital. This is how you are able to listen to everything clearly without any noise. Moreover, this clears all communication issues and you are able to enjoy every conversation.

Directional Microphones

You are standing in a crowded room and talking with your friend. The consistent stream of chatter behind you is creating a distraction and you are not able to hear what your friend is saying. At one point, you ask your friend twice to repeat himself, which is very embarrassing. This is a problem with old hearing aids.

The new directional microphone feature allows you to focus on a sound and isolate it from the others. As a result, you are able to hear everything is the first go.

Multiple Channels

This is perhaps one of the best features of today’s hearing aids. Multiple channels allow you to experiment with different setting according to the acoustics of the environment you are in. You might hear the speech louder in some rooms and quieter in other rooms. The memory setting will allow you to adjust the microphone frequency, which will shift the channel automatically when you are certain environment.


The telecoil features connects the hearing aid to a loop allowing you to listen clearly in big and loud places such sporting arenas, places of worships, concert halls and more. The list of locations is installed within the device and can be channeled through Bluetooth.

Binaural Processing

In older hearing aids, when you cover your right eye with your hand, the depth perception of the left eye weakens. Similarly, if you are deaf in both ears, wearing a hearing aid in just one doesn’t give you the full listening experience. The binaural processing feature allows two hearing aids to synchronize, so what’s heard by one ear is heard by the other too. This feature prevents delays and miscommunication.

Automatic Programming

Once you connect the hearing aid with your mobile device and store the settings in your hearing preferences according to different environments, the programming feature will adjust automatically.

So, which features do you need? Depending on how severe your hearing loss is, carefully choose a hearing aid with the features to best serve you and your life. Then you will need to decide on what company is best, in that case, check out this blog for helpful tips.