hearing test

hearing test

Afraid of the hearing test you have tomorrow? First things first, are you sure you are experiencing hearing loss? Here’s a big give away you need to get an ear test: when someone is standing to your right and talking to you, you can’t hear the words clearly.

Alongside the loss of hearing, one of the biggest drawbacks of letting your hearing loss go untreated is depression. Not to mention the medical bills starting to pile up when you choose a life of social isolation and experience anxiety.

The good news is… a hearing screening is nothing but a simple test where your hearing ability is measured by listening to different sounds. Help yourself out and avoid future troubles by getting a simple screening.

But first, let’s have a look at some of the hearing loss symptoms:

*Symptoms vary from person to person depending in the hearing loss type, cause and degree.

  • Having difficulty in understanding everyday conversation
  • You can hear what other people are saying but cannot get a firm grasp on it
  • You always turn up the volume on the radio or TV
  • Asking other people to repeat what they said
  • You avoid social gatherings where the crowd is big
  • You are not able to hear or communicate in noisy places such as family gathering or restaurants
  • Buzzing or ringing sound in ears

Following are a few hearing loss causes:

  • Advancing age
  • Certain medications
  • Genetic factors
  • Trauma or head injury
  • Constantly listening to loud music
  • Diseases such as Otosclerosis, Meniere’s disease, mumps or autoimmune disease

Now you know the symptoms and causes of hearing loss, let’s move to the Audiometry test:

Hearing Test – What to Expect

We can tell you this, a hearing test is absolutely painless. Here’s how hearing loss is tested:

First, the hearing healthcare professional will ask you personal questions related to your lifestyle, the challenges you have been facing and if you have any communication problems.

You are seated in a soundproof room with headphones on while your eardrums and ear canals are inspected using an instrument known as an Otoscope.

The process is conducted as the following. The Audiometry test is a process where first, you are asked a couple of questions about any hearing loss symptoms you have been experiencing.

Next, you are made to listen to a couple of sounds like someone talking in low pitch, the rustling of leaves, the waves of the ocean, etc.

The sounds are heard first from the left headphone and then the right. Gradually the sound is lowered to an extent where it is barely audible. In a way, the frequencies of the sound are changed from low to high pitch to find out what is your level of hearing.

Lastly, you are made to repeat the sounds to know how well you understood the speech.

Test Results

A graph, called an audiogram, is used to determine how many different types of pitches you were able to hear. Based on this, the health care professional advises a treatment plan, which usually includes a hearing aid.

To conclude, this sort of test is better to have than to avoid. Why wait for your problem to grow when you can treat it early on. By just getting a Audiometry test done, you can get rid of any thoughts of worry and get the correct treatment if necessary.

If you’re still a little nervous – we get it.  What we’ve found is when we totally understand things, the fear they carry dissipates.  Which is exactly why we wrote about how the ear functions.  We think it’ll be one step closer to better understanding our hearing and how we can best take care of ourselves.

Also, just as another helpful resource for you, here’s Starky’s Online Hearing Test in case it interests you.