Ever feel that the elderly in your home tend to ask you to repeat yourself a few times because they couldn’t understand what you said? Well, 90% of the time it’s not about their capacity to interpret what you said, rather their inability to hear your voice. You or even they may not realize it very quickly but aging causes rapid loss of hearing. It is a matter that must be addressed quickly to help the elderly maintain a normal lifestyle.
Let’s have a look at how hearing loss is related to ageing.
1. The Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SNHL)
Generally known as presbycusis, the SNHL is a hearing impairment visible in aging individuals. It affects patients above the age of 65 years. The hearing ability of these patients is affected in a way that they can’t make out high pitched noises such as a woman’s voice. In addition, the sound of certain letters becomes quite inaudible for the elderly.
2. Cerumen Removal
Sometimes, the elderly lose hearing ability due to the lack of care they are receiving. Either they fail to look after themselves or the nursing staff in old age homes overlook minor health care matters such a cerumen removal. More commonly known as ear wax, cerumen when frozen in the ear canal for a long time can cause loss of hearing, earache and dizziness. Patients don’t realize the cause for their problems until they consult with their audiologist.
3. Continuous Exposure to Environmental Sounds
With long years of exposure to environmental noise pollution, the process of ageing impairs hearing ability. In older day, this was not an issue that was magnified as much as it has been in the last few decades. Due to the development of earphones, constant exposure of the eardrums to music begins to cease hearing capacity faster than slower.
4. Prolonged Smoking
Many people are unaware of it, but age-related hearing loss is also caused due to regular smoking from adult life to old age. It simply expedites the loss of hearing. Smoking makes an addition to the regular wear and tear of the human body and impairs hearing very fast.
5. Changes in Human Anatomy
Ageing creates changes in human anatomy. These are not just the changes in physical appearance that we are able to see rather the inside of the body also changes. The common degenerative process of the body that affects everything from the skin, heart, lungs, bones and the brain also affects the hearing organs and processes. The change in supply of blood to the ear and diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular ailments also cause SNHL. Changes in the brain chemistry also develop loss of hearing.
Scientists have still not figured out why we age. However, the fact that we do remains irrefutable. As we do, we lose many of our abilities, one of which is the sense of hearing. Eldorado Audiology & Hearing Center has the best audiologists for your treatment. If you live in Santa Fe, NM we can help diagnose SNHL in the elderly in your home in the early going. Visit us to give your elderly a comfortable lifestyle with normal hearing abilities.