What to Expect

We offer personalized hearing loss solutions by performing thorough testing and diagnostic procedures to ensure that we fully understand the problem. Here is what you can expect during your visit.


Hearing History

The first step is gathering some history. We’ll ask about loud sounds you have been exposed to, such as farming, construction work, concerts, or shooting. We will also assess your overall health and any prior illnesses to determine if they may be contributing factors to hearing loss or tinnitus. We then will inquire about any physical traumas, injuries to the ears, and/or history of previous surgeries. Finally, of course, we will check any previous hearing tests in order to take previous methods and treatments into account.

Physical Ear Examination

The next step will be a physical examination of the ear and ear canal. We will be checking for any obstructions such as wax build-up. If there is something blocking the canal, we’ll clean the ear and see if it provides any relief. We will also check for any holes in the eardrum, infection, inflammation, or fluid buildup. If anything that requires medical treatment is discovered, we will send you to your primary care physician, or an Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeon (ENT) if it appears surgery will needed.

The Hearing Test

Once we determine that the ear canal is clear and healthy, we continue into the screening portion. This test is done in a sound-proof booth to eliminate distractions. Foam insert earphones are used to isolate the ears from each other, then your hearing is evaluated by testing a range of pitches, how well you understand speech, and your ability to separate speech from background noise.

The sound booths have windows to alleviate any discomfort and the exam itself takes only a short time to complete.

We will go over every detail  with you to make sure you’re comfortable.

A Clear and Simple Explanation

Once the evaluation is completed, we will review the results with you to ensure you understand and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. We will then go over what is causing the specific difficulties you are experiencing and discuss appropriate treatment options. We believe that the best way to make a good treatment decision is to have the right information.

Hearing Aid Test Drive

If it is found that hearing aids are necessary, we will program a pair to help you visualize what they will look like, feel like, and how they will enhance the sounds you are missing. We understand that some people may feel nervous about the idea of wearing a hearing aid. Our goal is to provide the education you need to make an informed decision that you’re comfortable with.