There is an old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

While this saying may ring true in some areas of our lives, when it comes to the health of ear, our pro-active approach tends to fall by the wayside.

Most ear related disorders are irreversible but if diagnosed early, there is a chance permanent damage is preventable.

Generally, a person takes about 7 years to realize they need to get their hearing tested, and in most cases, a lot of damage has already been done to their hearing. Therefore, audiologists recommend an annual hearing exam for ensuring good ear health.

In this article, we are going share the importance of regular hearing exams.

·        To diagnose hearing impairment in children


If a child suffers from even a mild hearing disorder, they are likely to have difficulty with learning and speech. The communication problem that the hearing impairment causes can quickly become a permanent deficit if they are not dealt with early on.

Hearing disability can negatively affect the academic performance of a child if the proper accommodations are not provided to them. Something as simple as a regular hearing test can diagnose the problem at an early stage, provide them with any hearing devices they may require, and provide the proper information a school requires to help the child academically.

Because this is of utmost importance, the education and health departments often perform a hearing screen on students to diagnose any impairment. Should any hearing impairment be discovered, they then follow the necessary protocol to address the problem.


·        To diagnose noise-induced hearing loss


One of the most common types of hearing loss is caused by prolonged exposure to loud noises. This often results in permanent hearing loss. By getting a regular hearing exam you can catch the early signs of noise-induced hearing loss and even prevent further damage.

Noise-induced hearing loss has affected the younger generation the most due to the use of headphones and other musical devices at unsafe volumes. By using these devices without caution, they have inadvertently damaged their hearing permanently. since the loss is generally subtle, a person suffering from such a condition may not realize their hearing has been damaged and can easily be mistaken for inattentive by those around them.

·        To analyze the hearing ability of older adults


As we age, our hearing often becomes diminished due to the loss of inner hair cells within the inner ear. It is important for an elderly person to get an annual hearing test, to diagnose the severity and progression of the loss they may be experiencing.

Unattended hearing impairment can cause depression, dementia and sociological disorders in older adults. Thus, it is crucial for an elderly person to get his hearing power checked and update his hearing aid accordingly.

·        To diagnose medical conditions


While aging and exposure to loud music are some of the most common causes of hearing loss, there are also some medical conditions can also result in a permanent hearing loss.

High blood sugar can potentially affect hearing and high blood pressure has been directly related to hearing loss and tinnitus. With the help of a regular hearing exam, it is possible to diagnose a medical condition and to prevent it from causing further damage.

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