2017 is coming to end, so it is imperative to do an article on the best hearing aids that ruled the market this year. This year, we saw many new hearing aid brands. Let’s have a look at some of the best ones.


Widex announced its new custom hearing aid. According to the company, they have redesigned the aid, have made the amplifier module smaller, and have changed the place where the battery is placed. In addition to this, it has dual microphones, a programmed button, as well as a volume control that will help the users out immensely.

Signia’sNew Nx Hearing Aid Platform

Signia also introduced a new device, the New Nx Hearing Aid Platform. It includes three models at three technology levels which are iPhone compatible- better own voice experience, a live remote fine-tuning feature, oh, and a new open directionality experience.

Resound Enzo 3D Hearing Aids

The Resound Enzo 3D Hearing Aids have been designed for people that have severe to profound hearing loss. The Enzo Made For iPhone (MFI) has a 3D platform, which will give additional benefits to the users. Some of these benefits include better speech understanding despite the noise, better spatial awareness, and the ability to stream phone calls and music from your iPhone. Android users can also use the aid with a discreet ReSound Phone Clip+ wireless accessory.  These aids have a superior sound quality that gives optimal performance.

WidexBeyond Z RIC

Widex also announced a rechargeable version of the beyond Made For iPhone hearing aids. The device, as the name suggests will be powered by ubiquitous Z Power system and is expected to hit the markets in 2018.

UnitronInsera Hearing Aids

Unitron has introduced their new Tempus Chipset custom in the ear hearing aid range. It is said to be technologically advanced as it said to identify 1600 biometric data points in the ear and boasts of unique calibration settings that will give the user a better hearing performance. The new process will also deliver a 2dB signal to noise ratio improvement, which is a significant improvement from the previous models. The Insera is currently available in 6 different models and can be chosen as per the technology levels and hearing needs of the user.

Phonak Audeo B-Direct

Phonak introduced its Audeo B Direct, which is an advanced wireless hearing aid technology. The device connects to Bluetooth in cellphones without the help of a streamer. In addition to this, it also offers real hands-free voice calling. This means that you don’t have to pick up the phone because your voice will be picked up by hearing aid’s intelligent microphone network and transmitted to the wireless headset. In addition to this, it comes with a TV connector that will double as a wireless TV headphones, which is great for people with a hearing loss.

In conclusion, these are the latest gadgets that are available for hearing impaired people as of 2017.