Gone are the days when hearing aids were large devices, and the wearer couldn’t keep their device on without attracting a high amount of attention that they never wanted. Nowadays, thanks to companies such as Oticon, members of the deaf community have the privilege of choosing a device that they would actually want to wear. Not only do these new devices have a lot of useful features, such as phone synchronization, they also have a variety of colors to choose from.

Read on to find out which are the best 3 products offered by Oticon:

  1. MiniRITE

The perfect behind-the-ear device, the miniRITE comfortably sits behind the ear and is barely visible to the naked eye. Its small, compact size makes it the ideal hearing aid device for people of all ages. Its appearance is rather similar to that of a minute speaker affixed to a slim wire which is barely perceptible. The size ensures that the device itself is discreetly tucked behind the ear, giving one the relief of walking around without having to worry about awkward conversations.

The Opn miniRITE is also Made for iPhone© which allows the wearer to sync their phone to the device which features a plain button to control the volume and listening programs. The miniRITE is ideal for those with mild to severe hearing loss. This is the smallest device offered by Oticon and is available in a gorgeous selection of 8 excellent colors.

  1. MiniRITE – T

Although the miniRITE-T has some similarities with its predecessor, it’s relatively larger in terms of size. The miniRITE-T still stays true to its name and is one of the smallest hearing loss devices you can find. This product offers the same discretion and is affixed to a slim, inaudible wire that comfortably sits in the ear. The factor that makes the miniRITE-T a superb hearing aid device is the fact that it features a telecoil which improves the listening experience in public places, such as churches or theatres with looping systems installed.

The miniRITE-T is also Made for iPhone© and allows you to hear your music, among other things, by synchronizing your phone with your hearing device. However, this model features a double push button which controls volume and listening programs. The miniRITE-T is for mild to severe hearing loss and is currently offered in 7 different colors.

  1. BTE13 Plus Power

One of the most powerful and useful hearing loss devices, the BTE13 Plus Power gives the wearer everything they’ve ever wanted. This device is designed specifically considering the needs of those who suffer from severe to profound hearing loss. The slim and robust device sits well behind the ear in its well protected small casing.

Not only is this superb device compatible with your phone due to its Made for iPhone© status, but it also features an LED indicator which monitors hearing aid status for caregivers or parents. The BTE13 also features a telecoil for a superior listening experience in public places such as theatres or churches with looping systems installed. The device is available in 7 different colors.

Needless to say, Oticon has done wonders for the members of the deaf community with their range of hearing aid devices which not only have useful features but a variety of colors to choose from as well.