ReSound is one of the best companies available for hearing aid devices. Not only do they offer a broad range of hearing aid equipment to help people of the deaf society enjoy a more peaceful life, they also offer services that can be of great use to you or your loved ones who suffer from loss of hearing. If you’re not sure which devices you should opt for, their team of experts can help you decide with no additional cost.

Here are the top 3 products offered by ReSound:

  1. MIC – Mic-in-Helix

The Mic in Helix is one of ReSound’s very own innovations, offering everything that you could ever require in a legitimate hearing aid device. This unique solution is only offered by ReSound and is designed to give the wearer superior sound quality, which is also notably the most natural sound quality found in hearing aid devices. Another notable feature of the MIH device is that it successfully collects audio in the most proficient way by using one’s own ears.

Such features are rarely seen in hearing aid devices, which is enough to confirm that the MIH is a device that is true to its name. The main advantage of the MIH is that the device is capable of carrying all the features and more without having to compromise the small, compact size that gives it a special charm. Not to mention, the device also features noise cancellation.

  1. ITC – In-the-Canal

When it comes to custom hearing aids, the ITC is among the most sought-after styles of hearing loss devices. Not only do these in-the-canal devices offer a wide array of features for the wearer, it is also one of the most comfortable hearing aid devices for someone who suffers from mild to severe hearing loss. The list of features and colors offered with the ITC is truly impressive. The compact device ensures that you won’t have to worry about a bulky device weighing down your ear.

The user can opt for wireless functionality which allows you to stream music, calls, etc., directly from your phone to your hearing aid device. You also get the option for a dual mic for ease of use. The broad range of colors offered with in-the-canal hearing aids by ReSound is remarkable.

  1. RIE – Receiver-in-Ear

While the first two devices were those that feature a look that is more fitting to an “inside the ear” preference, the RIE is an “outside the ear” device – minus the bulkiness. Contrary to standard BTE hearing aid devices, the Receiver-in-Ear allows you to be more discreet about it with the main receiver tucked comfortably inside the ear.

Not only are RIE devices smaller, compact and a lot easier to manage, they’re also the perfect devices for meetings and such due to their notable features and specifications. Disturbances, or feedback noises, that most hearing aid devices are susceptible to, are canceled far more easily in RIE’s, and the variety of colors offered is impressive as well.

ReSound has done a great job in helping members of the deaf community enjoy a life that is full of positive energies and ecstatic experiences.