Among all the hearing aid companies currently, present within the United States of America, Unitron has done wonders in the field. Despite the soaring competition present in the field, Unitron has definitely done a great job in making the world a better place for the disabled. Not only have their products earned multiple awards, they’re also notably the most innovative hearing aid devices on the market.

Unitron is remarkably one of the best companies in the United States of America, which makes hearing devices for people of all ages. The uniqueness of the prominent company has a lot to do with their product design philosophy – always well thought out and executed perfectly. Unitron normally has 3 teams working on one product which ensures that the company gives each product their best shot.

Here’s an in-depth review of the top 3 products offered by Unitron:

  1. Moxi

The award-winning range of products named Moxi is undeniably the best on the market as well as within Unitron’s own product lineup as well. Moxi Fit R is one of the best products in the entire product lineup of Unitron due to the fact that the hearing aid is smaller and fits inside the ear perfectly. The best part about the device is that it is rechargeable and super compact. The Moxi range is also dubbed to be the smallest hearing aid device in the world.

Moxi Fit R is the world’s smallest rechargeable hearing instrument wrapped in an award-winning design. It gives patients the discretion they crave, with an overnight charge that keeps them in the conversation all day long. And it’s available on our new Tempus platform that is the best in conversations. – Unitron

  1. Stride

The Stride range offers a completely different look in comparison to the Moxi range of hearing aids. While the Moxi is small and compact, the Stride range appears to be more like a wireless Bluetooth device and comes in a variety of different colors. Another notable feature of this range is that it pairs a chic design along with dual controls giving the wearer easy management and exceptional control over the device itself.

  1. Insera

There’s no reason why the disabled shouldn’t get as many options as others do when it comes to wearable gadgets and devices. For this reason among many others, Insera by Unitron is designed with a completely different style in comparison to Moxi and Stride. This exceptionally brilliant design features an In-the-Ear (ITE) hearing aid that guarantees 100% sound for the wearer. Conversations are a lot easier and coupled with the Tempus, the device is exceptionally remarkable. This stylish device also feels a lot more comfortable to wear, because it’s neatly tucked away inside the ear.

Unitron has done a great job by presenting a vast variety of hearing aids, which not only come in different features but different colors too. The deaf community was highly impressed with their efforts to make products that offer deaf people a multitude of options to choose from.