Hearing loss can leave you devoid of one of your most important senses. Hearing!

You can’t hear first sounds of your child, be it laughing or crying. It may be difficult to concentrate on the roads when you’re driving when you have even minor hearing loss. Everyday conversations also become difficult. Fortunately, Oticon offers some great hearing aid products regardless of your age. These products enhance the quality of your life and makes you more productive, whether in school or at work. Let’s see four of the products that Oticon has to offer.

1.    Oticon Nera 2

This is a hearing aid from Oticon that will allow you to take part in conversations, even if there is background noise and other people talking nearby. With the Nera 2, you can hear how you want to hear. There is no compromise on the quality of sound so that you can listen to live music being played by buskers, focus on a particular conversation, or hear the sounds of nature.

Through the spatial sound feature you can locate the source of the sound and can divert your attention to it. Your personal lifestyle and preferences are taken into account with YouMatic. Free Focus will allow you to distinguish from sounds in the background so that you can hear what’s necessary.

2.    Oticon Sumo

This is for people who have been troubled for far too long with their hearing loss and can only hear low frequency sounds. The Oticon Sumo concentrates on that specific range of frequencies, making them more comfortable to hear. The high output from Sumo is consistent and preserved, along with the battery life. This is thanks to the innovative battery management system that allows you to get the sustained sound that doesn’t fade quickly.

Thereby, both battery and output sustainability concerns are addressed by the Oticon Sumo. It is durable, robust, compact and easy to use. It’s perfect for children who have a really active lifestyle but are impeded by hearing loss.

3.    Oticon Dynamo

The Oticon Dynamo is one of the products that allows people who are hard of hearing to make sense out of what they hear. When you have hearing loss, it interferes with your understanding of speech, then you really have a problem. You can’t carry out real conversations, with friends, family coworkers and other people. Dynamo helps you solve that problem.

There are high frequency sounds in everyday speech, with the sounds of the letters s, k, f and t being the most prominent. The Oticon Dynamo is a small hearing aid that fits comfortable on your ear and allows your brain to hear and then understand the full range of sounds including those higher frequencies. It’s available in different colors, too.

4.    Oticon Opn

The Oticon Opn technology gives you an immersive hearing experience that allows you to have a natural and immersive sound experience. Research shows Oticon to help your brain understand 30% better with 20% less hearing effort. You can add background noises such as ocean waves to relieve your tinnitus. It has IoTabilities to connect with other smart devices over the internet. The Oticon Opn has won many accolades and awards as well.

To find out if one of these products is suitable for you, please visit Eldorado Audiology Santa Fe, NM