There are many people who are in the same boat as you. They have difficulty listening and concentrating on the important things around them. This may happen due to hearing loss in some capacity, for children it can be so because they are easily distracted and cannot concentrate on what is being said. This may be a medical issue more than a behavioral one.

Regardless of the cause, it can worsen if not controlled in time. Phonak has many products to help teens, adults as well as children focus on listening to what’s most important for them. Here are 4 of the products that Phonak has to offer.

Phonak’s Lyric

Phonak’s Lyric is a hearing aid that is designed to be completely invisible while it’s in use. It goes inside the ear canal and is comfortable to wear. It’s very different from other hearing aids in the way that it works. Other hearing aids pick up sounds from the surroundings through a microphone placed outside the ear.

Phonak’s lyric takes sound that travels inside your ear for a more natural sound experience. It amplifies the sound coming into your ear, similar to how your eardrum would pick up and amplify the sound to transmit to your brain. It allows exceptional quality sound that can be worn for months at a time without the need to take it out.

Phonak suggests you can even use it while you’re exercising or showering. It is compliant with Swiss engineering standards giving it the ultimate build quality and functionality.

Phonak’s Roger Pen

The Roger Pen by Phonak is actually a microphone operated wirelessly, and can be used at work or at home for those times when noise in the background can get very distracting. You can use it to understand what it being said n meetings so you are more proactive in your work. It also has Bluetooth connectivity to offer, is compatible with many different hearing aids.

You don’t even need to adjust the microphone on the Phonak Roger pen. It adjusts automatically to your surroundings (the volume of the people talking and the background noise). Even if more than one person is talking, you’ll be able to hear each one independently and focus on whomever you’re trying to hear.

Phonak’s Sky-B

When a kid has hearing problems, it may hinder growth. Their ears need to have the right exposure to sounds that will help them develop speech and increase literacy. The SkyB allows your child to listen to what is being said around them so that they aren’t deprived of a learning experience due to hearing disabilities. Kids are inherently active and that is why the Sky-B is resistant to dust water and even sweat. It comes in a number of colors and allows your hearing impaired kids to express themselves more.

Phonak Roger Focus

The focus hearing aid allows your child to develop and grow in a classroom as they can hear what the teacher is saying while being taught. The receiver has intuitive controls that are easy for your child to adjust. It’s resistant to water and dust as well, so you can breathe easy knowing that your child will be able to understand and speak better.

There are more products from Phonak to help your hearing. To find one that’s the best fit for you, visit Eldorado Audiology, Santa Fe, NM.