Hearing loss can be challenging. You lose the ability to take part in conversation because it becomes difficult to concentrate on what the other person is saying. If that’s not enough, background and surrounding noise makes you lose focus from what is being said and you end up asking the other person to repeat what they just said.

Loss of hearing is an everyday struggle that many people, such as yourself have to endure. Not anymore. Fortunately, Widex has some pretty amazing products that help you overcome your hearing difficulties. Let’s see what Widex has to offer.

Widex Custom

The Widex Custom is one of the hearing aids that has an in-the-ear design that is comfortable to the users. The hearing aid has been redesigned to allow greater comfort and a better fit, regardless of the shape of the ear or its size.

It features the Unique Sound chip from Widex that has a greater audio frequency range for a better experience.The sound range is linear through the range of inputs that the greatest among hearing aids. Even if your surroundings are noisy and distorted otherwise, the hearing aid cancels out that noise to bring nothing but clear sounds. Additionally, you get access to softer sounds, that are upwards of 5dB.

Widex Beyond

The Widex Beyond hearing aids give the wearer an amazing sound experience where they can hear premium quality sound. If that’s not enough, the Widex beyond has the option to connect to the internet with 2.4GHz of processing power. There is a separate app for the Beyond hearing aids. It allows the users to control what they hear from their environment. It allows streaming capabilities as well. The app is made especially for iPhone and has a unique and customizable user interface.

This opens wearers up to a number of options when it comes to connectivity. The hearing aid itself uses little battery when it is being used to stream online audio content a quarter of the time. This is the lowest battery consumption for made-for-iPhone hearing aids that allow streaming. Android users are not left out of the loop as they can communicate through DEX accessories.

Widex Beyond Z

Beyond Z is an upgrade from the Widex Beyond as it is the rechargeable version of Beyond. Baterries running out are no longer a problem with the Widex Beyond Z. That’s because it has rechargeable silver-zinc compound batteries, aptly named ZPower. It also has the features of connectivity and streaming that the Widex Beyond had.

Zpower batteries are the most powerful rechargeable micro batteries in their size range. They can charge fully in 3-4 hours. After that recharge you will experience the similar features to the Widex Beyond including high quality streaming and other connectivity options, in addition to high quality sound. You can convert your Beyond to a Beyond Z as well.

Widex Unique

Widex Unique allow users a broad dynamic audio range of over 100dBs. For people who have trouble hearing in windy conditions, wind noise attenuation allows users to overcome that difficulty. Soft level noise reduction is also part of the Widex Unique experience. This is where you can hear the more important soft sounds while the noise at those frequencies is automatically eliminated. You even have the option to control the sounds you hear remotely through the COM-DEX app.

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