Hearing aids are great companions to those suffering from hearing loss. They help with listening to everyday conversations, experience sounds of nature at the park, listen to what’s being said in meetings and much more. Hearing aids allow people who are hearing impaired to experience life to the fullest without having to worry about being hearing impaired.

There are some products from ReSound, that allow that little bit extra when you have a hearing aid. They leverage Bluetooth, the internet and other wireless technology to help people get the most performance out of the devices they already have. Here are just some of those products from ReSound.

1.    ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2

The onset of hearing loss can usually be identified when you are in the TV room and increase the volume because you can’t hear. That comes coupled with the complains from your kids and/or your significant other that it is too loud.

The ReSound TV Streamer 2 allows you to have stereo quality sound delivered directly to your ears via your hearing aid, you can adjust the volume to a level that’s comfortable to you without actually altering the volume of the TV itself.

2.    ReSound Phone Clip+

Attending phone calls with hearing aids can be a challenge. Whether the call is business related or personal, it can cause an array of frustrating problems for both parties at the end of each line. You can stream your phone calls in high quality directly to your hearing aid via your phone’s Bluetooth when you use the ReSound Phone Clip+. That allows your conversation to be meaningful and not stressful.

3.    ReSound Remote Control 2

Sometimes it becomes arduous and even weird when you’re fidgeting around with your hearing aid to get the right balance of the sounds you are hearing. With the ReSound Remote Control 2, you will be able to navigate through volume and program settings on your hearing aids.

The remote is effective with the first product on our list, the TV Streamer. The ReSound Remote lets your control the streamer or other streaming accessories or control the volume on your hearing aid. When you have the windows down on your car while driving, the remote can lower the volume to lessen the wind and background noise. It is also helpful with drowning out the noise inside the car.

4.    ReSound Micro Mic

Can you think of a time when you went to attend a family gathering or were part of a meeting where you couldn’t hear the other person talking? The background noise gets too distracting at times and even distorts the conversation. The ReSound Micro Mic does away with the notion of not being to hear people when there’s background noise and you have a hearing disability.

Simply give the person the ReSound Micro Mic and it wirelessly transmits what they are saying to you,even if they are up to 80 feet away. So the next time you’re in a noisy family gathering or a restaurant, you can chat with your significant other regardless of the noise in the background.

To learn about which Resound Hearing aids match best with these accessories from ReSound, please visit Eldorado Audiology Santa Fe, NM.