Hearing impairment is a common problem around the globe. More than 48 million people suffer from some extent of hearing loss in the US alone. Most people overlook the hearing problem in its early stages, due to which, they often end up losing their hearing ability. Hearing ability significantly decreases after a person turns 65. Although it isn’t possible to prevent hearing impairment, you can use hearing aids to retain and improve your hearing.

A hearing aid doesn’t treat hearing impairment. However, it amplifies sound so that you can understand speech. Oticon is one of the best global brands and manufactures high tech hearing equipment. You can go for behind-the-year design or choose in-the-ear hearing aid. Let’s take a look at the top products by Oticon:


OticonOpn has bagged many US and international awards. It helps you improve your hearing ability and engage in conversations with ease. It makes it convenient for people with impaired hearing to enjoy their social life without worrying about their hearing problems.

Tinnitus is a common problem and around 10% of the entire US population is suffering from it. In this condition, the person hears annoying hissing, buzzing or roaring noises in their ear. OpticonOpn can help you get rid of this problem with the help of sound therapy. Modify its settings to listen to soothing sounds that can also help you overcome stress and anxiety.

You can connect your hearing aid to your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch and use it as stereo headphones to listen to music or make phone calls. The hearing aid now comes with rechargeable batteries.

Oticon Alta2

Oticon Alta2 is designed to provide you with an improved hearing experience. The hearing aid is suitable for people suffering from different degrees of hearing impairment. It contains small sized speakers, so you won’t feel uncomfortable in using the device at parties or a business conference. It is nano-coated for efficient protection against dirt.

Oticon Connect Line

Oticon Connect Line is an advanced hearing aid that comes in elegant designs. Aside from enhancing your hearing ability, you can use the device for streaming music and your favorite TV shows via smartphone. With these devices, you won’t feel isolated anymore. You can communicate with others easily and make phone calls to your dear ones.

Oticon Ria2

No two people hear the same way. Oticon Ria2 is designed to meet particular requirements of every user. It gives you a natural hearing experience. It amplifies sound, making it easier for you to understand speech. Since the device is available in many designs and colors, you can easily buy a hearing aid that suits your personality and preference.

Oticon Dynamo

Oticon Dynamo is another amazing product of Oticon. The device can meet the needs of people suffering from varying extents of hearing impairment. It uses the innovative frequency composition technology to increase the audibility of sound and help you recognize speech with convenience. It’s a customizable automatic device that is suitable for people suffering from mild to severe hearing impairment.