Widex is a well-known brand that manufactures top quality hearing aids. The company ranks sixth among the best global hearing aid manufacturers and operates in more than a hundred countries. The company has been active since 1956. It’s the pioneer of digital hearing aids. The company manufactures a wide range of hearing aids for people suffering from hearing impairment. Let’s take a look at their top products:

Widex Beyond Z

Widex Beyond Z is one of the best products that improve your hearing. This hearing aid is equipped with a rechargeable battery. You can easily understand speech and engage in conversations. You can also connect the hearing aid to your smartphone and use it as stereo headphones. You can listen to your favorite music, enjoy TV shows or watch movies without interruption. It’s an energy-efficient device that consumes low power.

Beyond Z provides you with a high-quality sound experience. Its natural sound allows you to use the device in any listening condition. You can customize the settings of your hearing aid via your mobile phone and create templates for particular listening situations.

Widex Custom

Widex Custom is a digital in-the-ear hearing aid that helps you listen to sounds around you. The device is built with advanced technology and easily fits in your ear. It can capture a wide range of sounds and thereby, saves you from hearing issues. You can customize its settings to your preference and can change its battery with ease. With the help of this device, you won’t feel left out in conversations anymore. Furthermore, you can connect your hearing aid with various DEX assistive devices.

Widex Cros

If you have normal hearing in an ear, but deaf in the other, you should give Widex Cros a try. It’s a digital hearing aid that comes with great sound quality. It wirelessly transmits sound from your deaf ear to the other without distortion.

Another variation of this hearing aid is known as Bicros. You can use it if you’re deaf in one ear and have hearing impairment in the other.

Widex Baby

Widex hearing aids are available in different sizes and styles. A specialized device called Widex Baby is designed for babies only. It improves hearing ability in babies and plays a major role in their speech development. It’s a miniature hearing aid that perfectly fits their ears without causing them any pain.

Widex Unique Passion

Widex Unique Passion is the right choice for teenagers. The device fits perfectly to their ears and is available in various vibrant colors. You can connect the device to your mobile phone via Bluetooth technology.

Widex Zen Therapy

Widex offers hearing aids to help you relieve tinnitus. It’s a common problem in which a person hears irritating ringing or buzzing sounds. Although there’s no way to treat this problem, you can feel more relaxed with Zen therapy. It’s a tinnitus management program which consists of four major components: counseling, amplification, relaxation and fractal tones. In this method, a number of Widex hearing aids are used to amplify sounds and control the negative effects of tinnitus on your hearing.