When you’re thinking about getting hearing aids, you don’t want wearing the devices to be a chore. You don’t want to compromise on hearing quality either. You want to be able to focus on multiple sounds and get as close to a natural hearing experience as possible.

When you spend money on a hearing aid you also want it to be able to give you the best experience. The following hearing aids  from two of the world’s best manufacturers provide you with the comfort and ease of use that you need, and then some. Let’s look at the Oticon OPN and Widex Beyond series of hearing aids:

Oticon OPN Series

The Oticon Opn is one of the best in class hearing aids out there. It’s sleek and easy to wear and even helps you remember things which you hear. Opn is helping people live at their best by doing most of the hard work for them.

It’s one of the first comfortable hearing aids that actually uses technology to help people remember more. We hear sound from many different sources and when someone has problems with hearing, it becomes difficult to concentrate on the unpredictable and constantly moving sound sources.

Conventional hearing aids focus on a single source for a limited experience, cutting all background noise and reducing other inputs. The technology used in oticon opn is accurate enough to analyze multiple sound sources and changing sound sources. It can even distinguish between what’s speech and what’s noise.

Noise reduction is taken to another level where you are able to follow more than one speaker and conversation. This is great for meetings and conversations as the hearing aid itself doesn’t disturb you when you wear it and it allows you to hear what people are saying. You can figure out who is talking and when, as well as where they are at that point in time.

The Oticon Opn has won both CES innovation and reddot awards, making it one of the most sought after hearing aids on the market right now.

Widex Beyond Series

Not to be outdone, Widex has the Beyond series hearing aids that are comfortable and convenient to use. They even enhance how productive you are. The Beyond app allows you to have greater access to your devices and comfort, simultaneously. With the fine adjustment of sound preferences to your liking, you can make the most out of everyday life, whether it’s meetings, conversations sports, or more.

You can choose between clear speech settings for important conversations, and comfort settings when you’re listening to music. The beyond app even allows you to find your hearing aids if you don’t remember where they are.

They’re even ideal for windy situations where your hearing might be impaired naturally. The noise reduction algorithm in the SMARTWIND manager allows you to understand what is being said despite it being windy.

If you would like to gain access to either of these hearing aids, please get in touch with us at Eldorado Audiology.