When it comes to hearing healthcare, choosing the right one can be very overwhelming. Today, the market has so many brands that we are forever in a battle of deciding which one to pick and why. Standing at a store, you might find yourself plagued with the following thoughts:

Which brand is the best?

What is the difference between all these brands?

Who is this brand’s manufacturer?

Should I buy from this retail outlet or head over to the brand’s main outlet?

The latter two questions are not of much importance. Depending on where you live and what facilities are available to you nearby, you can buy the hearing aid from anywhere.

Let’s tackle the first two questions.

Best Hearing Aid Brands

Which Brand Is the Best?

To test which brand rates the best on the market, a survey was conducted by UBS Evidence Lab in December 2017 that involved more than 360 audiologists. These audiologists rated the following 7 brands as the best in the market:

·         Oticon

Found in 1904, Oticon is the leading brand in the world when it comes to hearing aids. The company’s motto is simple: “People First”. The founder of the company wanted to create a hearing aid that was best in every way.

·         Phonak

Found in 1947, Phonak has just one goal: to make sure that life goes on and for that, they strive every day to come up with new technology, so that people can connect with the beauty of sound.

·         Unitron

Established in 1964, Unitron has a different philosophy when it comes to hearing aids. They have developed user-centric designs, for which they have received 5 Red Dot Awards.

·         ReSound

Founded in 1943, this company has made many improvements in the hearing aids systems, which reached new heights in Digital Feedback Suppression and sound processing.

·         Starkey

Founded in 1967, Starkey involves medical professionals in its development process, so that the products can be geared towards customer satisfaction.

·         Widex

Founded in 1956, Widex is the largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the world. They are spread in 100 countries and pride themselves on selling quality hearing aids.

·         Signia

Founded in 1878 by Sivantos, Signia is a hearing aid brand that is popular for its one feature that is providing wearer comfort. To provide optimum results, they have introduced a new range of hearing aids that are small and offer natural sound.

What Is the Difference Between All These Brands?

The audiologists offered their opinion on what brand they recommend to patients on the basis of the benefits and features it offered. The following metrics were taken into account:

  • Sound quality (most important metric)
  • Value for money
  • Ease of fit
  • Reliability
  • Support service
  • Ease of use
  • Connectivity
  • Aesthetics
  • Battery life

Here’s how the top brands were rated:

Seeing all the charts, we can easily come to the conclusion that Oticon and Phonak are the best brands. However, the other brands hold a fierce competition and with their upcoming innovations, can easily reach the top too.

So now, you can easily decide which brand choose with all the information and data offered here.