Widex is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world. The company was founded in 1956, in Denmark by two family friends and is now owned by their family members. Widex hearing aids can be found in approximately 100 countries and are renowned for their evolving technology.

Let’s have a look at their top three hearing aids:

1.     Passion

Passion was created for people who have moderately severe or minimal hearing loss. It is a RIC (receiver-in-canal) model that offers discretion. In fact, it is the brand’s smallest hearing aid and is quite comfortable to wear. Created for wearing behind the ear, the receiver is placed directly in the ear canal, to reduce any noise.

The hearing aid also has a harmonic sound program called “Zen” that allows the wearer to relax while enjoying soothing chimes and tones. The other two programs are “Zen+” and “Phone”. The former allows you to listen to different types of tones and the latter allows you to listen to phone conversations. The device also has a cancellation system that minimizes that annoying whistling sound that people often hear while talking in high pitches.

When the battery is weak, a sound signal will play that will alerts you to replace them. The 440-series model offers a feature called the “Lost Partner”, which will alert you when you will lose contact with the hearing aid in the opposite ear.

2.     The BEYOND™

Widex describes BEYOND™ as a hearing aid that offers life without limits. This hearing aid allows you to stay connected always to televisions, phones and your iPhone. It offers other various DEX ranges of solutions for communication with crystal clear sound.

The hearing aid optimizes sound, which helps create unique listening conditions for each individual. The SMARTWIND Manager feature in the BEYOND™ offers 30% more speech recognition quality in wind than any other hearing aids in the industry. The power in this hearing aid lasts longer, which means you don’t have to change the batteries as often.

3.     EVOKE™

The newest invention by Widex, EVOKE™, is a smart hearing device that evolves on its own, keeping in mind the hearing preferences of the wearer. The SoundSense Technology feature in the hearing aid allows you to personalize the device according to your listening experience. So, if you are not able to hear clearly, the device measures the environment and collects data to store in the device for a better tomorrow.

The Fluid Sound Analyzer feature maps out the environment and the noises, so that next time it can easily differentiate between a party, a meeting or a lazy afternoon spent indoors. The built-in Fluid Sound Controller filters any noise that may be there during a conversation and allows you to listen clearly.

The built-in SoundSense Adapt technology quickly adapts to a new environment and remembers all the changes you made before. Lastly, the hearing aid has different levels that capture sounds differently.

These three hearing aids by Widex are creating quite a stir in the market. With the invention of the SMART technology, people now believe that they can restore their hearing problem.