Hearing Aid Companies

Wearing a hearing aid can greatly help a person restore their hearing ability. By amplifying soft sounds upto an optimum frequency, you are able to hear everything with clarity.

Hearing aids use a complex, digital system to deliver enhanced sounds into the ear, powered by a durable air battery. Tiny microphones within the device catch sounds from the environment, and an inbuilt computer chip adjusts them according to the level of your hearing loss and listening needs.

Hearing aids are intricately built and are prone to damage. Therefore, it’s important to choose durable materials and a strong protective cover for long-term use.

If you’re searching for a hearing aid, make sure you also watch out for added features to truly enhance the sound quality. Noise reduction and directional microphones can help you pick up on a variety of sounds in a safe manner without damaging the eardrum.

You should also look for a comfortable wear since you’ll probably have it fixed in your ear the entire day. Make sure the hearing aid has a durable, rechargeable battery so you don’t have to keep replacing it with new ones.

Some devices also have wireless connectivity and remote controls to navigate Bluetooth compatible devices like TV, cell-phones, and music players. All in all, make sure your hearing aid is good enough to control environmental noise. You should always have the option to block off certain sounds during sleep or undisturbed activity.

Now, we’ve listed down the must-have features your hearing aid should have, let’s have a look at some of the top manufacturers creating customized hearing aids for the ultimate sound quality.

1. Widex

This brand lives up to its promise of delivering the best sound quality. Featuring a wide range of products like assisted listening devices, a comfortable and easy-to-wear hearing aid for those with one-sided hearing loss, and a battery lasting up to 4 weeks. Widex tops the list for obvious reasons.

2. ReSound

With ReSound, you can gracefully deliver a formal business meeting, or a public presentation with confidence. One of the best brands for a hearing aid, it offers a rich sound quality, unmatched hearing spectrum, and personalized ReSound Assist tool to give you a complete hearing package.

3. Oticon

With a solid brand image vowing to get you to fully participate in life and eagerly communicate your thoughts, Oticon produces one of the best hearing aids for your listening needs.

It offers a wide range of hearing accessories, support from a care professional, and helpful wireless options for your hearing aid.

4. Phonak

With innovative spirits combined with top industry experts, Phonak features cutting edge hearing aids produced from the finest titanium which are extremely discreet so you can comfortably sport them when going out in a social gathering.

They also support Bluetooth devices, so you have the luxury of synching your favorite songs and groove to them at a single click.

While all of these hearing brands are equally productive and deliver what they promise, the decision ultimately lies with you. Need some more reading material on the matter?  We have you covered in our blog about which hearing aid companies are best.